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     Products>>  Code Scanner >> H685 HONDA/ACURA Professional Tool
Product Name: H685 HONDA/ACURA Professional Tool
Weight: 2KG
Here H685 can test and erase the car trouble codes and read the relative trouble codes. On the other hand, many mechanical problems, such as poor engine performance due to low fuel level, damaged soft cube, electrical wire or electrical connectors, can also cause faked trouble codes. Therefore you need to refer to the car service pamphlet to get more instruction information when you test before you know the mechanical problems
1. Function
£¦#61548;£¦#8226; TROUBLESHOOT
£¦#61548;£¦#8226; DATA LIST
£¦#61548;£¦#8226; CLEAR
£¦#61548;£¦#8226; FUNCTION TEST
£¦#61548;£¦#8226; ECM RESET
2. Systems supported
H685 can support the following systems:
£¦#61548;£¦#8226; PGM_FI
  £¦#8226; AT
£¦#61548;£¦#8226; ABS_VSA
£¦#61548;£¦#8226; SRS
£¦#61548;£¦#8226; EPS
3. Appearance and Key Descriptions
The appearance of a H685 is as shown in the above figure.
 1). LCD screen: 128*64
 2). Enter key:  confirm selection and enter
 3). Esc key:   go back to the previous screens
 4). up/down arrows:  moves the selection pointer and scrolls up or down
 5). LEFT/RIGHT arrows:  move cursor.
 6). Power button
 7). Diagnostic extension cable:  OBDII -16PIN / HONDA 3PIN

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