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     Products>>  Auto Cleaning and Care Series >> SW-4Q Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer
Product Name: SW-4Q Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer
Weight: 0

SW-4Q automobile exhaust gas analyzer (hereinafter referred to as the analyzer) may, in accordance with non-light-disguising infrared absorption method, via micro-computer analysis, directly measure the thickness of HC, CO and CO2 in the exhaust gas of vehicles and inspect the density of O2 via Electrochemical sensor so as to calculate excess air coefficient ?. The analyzer introduces advanced foreign technology. It is composed of complete imported machinery cores, boasts the advantages of accuracy measurement, high endurance and speed. As an Intelligent Equipment, it is equipped with Microprocessor, LCD and Chinese language interface. Besides, it also has optional equipments such as Induction Tachometer, temperature sensor, inner Micro Printer for customers to purchase. The newly-added Storage function can detect Engine's speed and Lubricant's Temperature while measuring tail gas, then store and print the results.

The main technical parameters:

1. Measurement range:

CO:  0~10.0     10-2(%)

CO2:0~20.0     10-2(%)

HC:  0~10000  10-6(ppm)

O2:  0~25.0      10-2(%)?

oil temperature:18?150ºC

rotate speed:100?20000rpm

2. Repetitiveness: ?¡À2%     

3. zero floating:

CO:  ¡À0.06  10-2(%)/1h ?

CO2:¡À0.5    10-2(%)/1h

HC:  ¡À30     10-6(ppm)/1h

O2:  ¡À0.5    10-2(%)/1h

4. span floating:Not exceed the allowed £¦#118alue for indication error(1 hour).

5. indication error:

CO:  ¡À5% (relative error,0?10%)

CO2:¡À5% (relative error,0?20%)

HC:  ¡À5%(relative error ,0?4000ppm)¡À10%  (relative error,4001?10000ppm),

O2:  ¡À5%   (relative error,0?25%)?

oil temperature: ¡À2?  (absolute error)

Rotate speed: ¡À1.0%    (relative error)

6. Environmental condition:



Air pressure:60~105kPa

power:AC  220V¡À10%;50Hz

7. preheat time: 5min

8. sampling method:

Directly sampling,the length of the tube is 5M,the length of sampling probe is 900mm.

Oil temperature:inserting the temperature Sensor into Oil Level Gauge of engine, the length of which is the same as that of oil staff gauge; blocking with rubber plug to plug up engine oil from ejecting.

Rotate speed:Non-contact measurement method. Less than 20cm to the petrolic high-voltage flexible cord, measuring the rotate speed of petrolic motor.





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